What is it


Xylophonic Encryption engine.

eTresor is an application that demonstrates the enormous power of DataPrax's world beating Xylophonic Encryption engine. Multiple encryption keys are selected from a pool of millions of encryption keys to encode your personal information and keep it safe from prying eyes

The eTresor application is an 'off-line' application, which shows how the the multiple encryption keys are delivered to your doorstep and made available for your exclusive use. You could run this application on a tablet that you hide under some books in your attic. You never need to connect it to the internet or let anyone know how your personal information is hidden away for use only by those whom you authorised to access it. Because it is off-line, the encryption keys are delivered to your site via e-mail, or you could have them couriered to you if you wish to avoid the internet altogether. Also, because eTresor is an off-line application, you will need to provide an encrypted response to your first encrypted file (X-File), to establish the uniqueness of your encryption session. Importantly, your personal information NEVER exist in unencrypted format except where you enter it in or read it on you input device.

Your computing environment

  1. Your personal information
  2. eTresor xylophone encryption process
  3. Your personal information is encrypted
  4. Remote server of encryption key information

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