Encryption Software

Private, Secure, Anonymous transmission of information.

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Secure ways to store private information.

Financial, Medical, Demographic and all other data must be kept secure when stored. Rest assured that our encryption process is unbreakable when protecting your information anywhere around the world with DataPrax.

Check out our latest Xylophonic Encryption Engine, which will protect your personal information to the highest standard.

Why choose us over others?

We will keep your information private, no matter what.

Offline compatibility.

You don't need to connect to the internet to encrypt your private information.

Controlled site delivery.

You control the encryption process with key information delivered to your site.

Controlled Storage.

Your private information never leaves your control - you control where the encrypted information is stored.

Invisible Keys

Keys are not visible to hackers - they are dynamically generated as required.

Xylophonic Encryption

Private information is encrypted with multiple random keys chosen from a pool of millions of encryption keys.

"Save time, save money, look more professional and win more clients".

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Identity Theft
Protect your private profile information which can be used to steal your identify for various login account breaches.
Data Breach
Information moved around in unencrypted storage can be exploited in many ways. Ensure your information is unbreakable.
Intruders can spy on your information, securing via encryption will guarantee the information is unreadable.

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